Stop player movement for Melee skills PLEASE


Please REMOVE the movement from all melee Left Mouse Button skills such as:
Carthean Sword: Carthean Strike
Arc Sword: Voltaic Strike
Arc Blade/Death Cult Blade: Bladestorm

These skills do not say "Movement" in their description and as such should NOT move the player when used. Right now, when ever I press the left mouse button to swing a sword in melee (Assassin) the character will move erratically in a different direction than where the mouse is pointing or where I'm moving with WASD. The movement when using these skills seems to be away from the enemies. This does not make sense and causes severe strain on the hand/carpal tunnel as we're forced to constantly adjust the character position towards the enemies.

I am NOT talking about skills such as Crimson Path which have movement in their description.  

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Stop player movement for Melee skills PLEASE
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185 days ago
Sadly that doesn't fix the problem.

Also, turning that option on doesn't allow you to use WASD + Mouse look to aim where you want your character to go. All it does it rotate the character when they are standing still.

Beginning to wonder if this developer has played Diablo III or Torchlight and why they couldn't use the same control scheme.

186 days ago
Isn't there an option for letting the character always look towards the cursor? Maybe that could help?