Ragna Van Wynter bugged.


Character name Tirion, Xbox1. Can't speak or sell to Ragna Van Wynter. The campaign mission to find Inquisitor Draken came up again and I forgot I had done it, so I did and now I'm stuck unable to sell or interact with Ragna at all. She just keeps looping the dialogue that leads to going to the cathedral then stops speaking and retains the green ! Above her.

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Ragna Van Wynter bugged.
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187 days ago
It worked. Thank you very much
189 days ago

Please check on your progress within a couple of hours and confirm if it works! 

189 days ago
Character is named Necrosa if that's relevant
189 days ago

same problem here XBOX Version. gamertag is Gorehound Immo

196 days ago
Any news on his being fixed?

198 days ago
My dad also just had this happen to him. He's on Xbox1 and his character name is Younger.
199 days ago

The Xbox problem will get fixed on our end shortly! Please check on it a few hours from now!
@SPHAX‍ please give us your account name, we will check on it! 

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199 days ago
Same problem here (PC version)