Steam new patch?


Steam just downloaded a 68 mb patch!
Any chance to tell us what it is for? 

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Steam new patch?
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7 years 160 days ago
I'm getting network error since patch

7 years 160 days ago
wonder what this one fixes or is supposed to fix

7 years 160 days ago
So far i had no crashes,  spawns seem to be much better. Items have more stats.  So far its awesome :P Hoping for patch notes soon
7 years 160 days ago
Yea, I just got the patch too. 69 megs worth of hopefully crashing fixes.
7 years 160 days ago
So far a lot of known bugs are gone and its running a lot more stable :D 
7 years 160 days ago

thanks to all the dev He also fixed the freeze of the game with the patch,

7 years 159 days ago

After that patch game no freezes anymore after 15-20 min in.