State of the skill system


Any one else sees this issue besides me? that the skill system relays on the weapons and there is barely any difference between the weapons and just going to be boring to play this just due to the skill system? diablo 3 can be boring after a while because of that same exact issue that no variety of builds and that game got a better skill system than this game by far. im not including the passive skill tree because honestly it makes no difference to this  it just flat out damage/sustain. 

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State of the skill system
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6 years 290 days ago

I do not think that the skill system is boring. You can tailor your skills to the guns you are using. 

Besides damage, most guns have different abilities, and several skills refer to those abilites (Salvo, Rapid Fire, Armor Breaking, Channeled).

If you use any Bolt weapons, you should look at the Debuff-Skills, for example, one branch adds damage to Armor Breaking and Armor Piercing attacks.

Pick two guns, look at the  abilities of their attacks,  and tailor your skill-set around them ;-)

6 years 289 days ago

Actually a really good skill system imo. Skill tied to weapons and equipment is logical. As Starwalker said every weapon is different.