Stasis Casket Stole Destruction Amplification


So I purchased a Destruction Amplification this weekend (took a long weekend) and then, on a subsequent Void Crusade Mission, I looted a Destruction Amplification.

I placed both into my Stasis Casket for later use - perhaps in a dire Crusade moment.

I checked the next day when I logged on & one of them was gone.

It was not used, as there was no counter for the 5 missions.

It was not sold as they were both in the Stasis Casket.

What gives?

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Stasis Casket Stole Destruction Amplification
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41 days ago
Thank you.
42 days ago

We compensated your loss of credits and Fate points which you spent on the consumable. Thanks for your patience in the last few days. 

47 days ago
Any update on this?
48 days ago

It was a purple tier amp - I believe it cost me 500K & 75 Fate.

I play on PS4 and my PSN ID is  Overtkill21       Yep, even after I relogged in it was still gone.

(Small Aside - There are Relic tier Amplifications!??!???)

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48 days ago
It was a relic tier amplification? Could you tell me your account name and the platform you are playing on?

Even after a relog the missing one did not reappear?