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Hello team,

i was just wondering if you are planning to make this game more multiplayer, campaign is slowpaced and not much of a challenge, with no considerable drops. Tarot missions/intels get old pretty quickly and most of the time you need to make character that is too well rounded to be good in all situations thats why i started to play with my friend... we really enjoy the game however.

Everything except really repetetive missions are single only :
Unholy cathedral, CIty of Suffering etc.

is there any plan to make more multiplayer content? because to be fair, its a good game but just running intels all day long is not that much of a fun...

Emperor protects.

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Multiplayer options
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42 days ago

bring back the "Old Warzone" mode with many limitless unholy or analog anywhere to Caligari Sector =) 

it was greatest challenge for chosen.

42 days ago
Our endgame team is working on a new Season which will provide more options for coop. A global event will also arrive in March and additional contents which can be played in multiplayer as well are also in the works.