Stash Vanished


I had some internet issues where the lag made it impossible to play. I was in the process of selling items collected at the end of a mission. Everything froze and when it came back I could access my character inventory but nothing was showing at the rogue trader - her inventory was empty and I couldn't sell what I had. I thought to transfer some of it into my stash but it was empty and I was frozen again. I saw that the internet was at a trickle so I quit playing for several hours. When I came back to play some more I found my stash was missing two-thirds of the inventory and it was a jumbled mess. Please help.

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Stash Vanished
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10 days ago
Yes, sorry, it came back. 
16 days ago
Have you re-checked your stash since then? All the items in the storage are specially marked and hence cannot vanish, they should be back. Please let us know if you still miss anything from the storage.