Can't form or join party



Has anyone come across this problem, myself and a friend can't join or create a party to play coop, we are both at the same point in the story (about 3 or 4 missions after the 5 mission tutorial) and have he same dlc. The party icon is greyed out for both of us and even though we are in a cabal together Invite to Party is also greyed out. We were able to have a 1v1 PVP match together and that's it, we can't play the campaign together or any other missions. The game is great so I'm looking forward to playing it with my friend so if anyone can offer a solution it would be much appreciated, I have spent hours trying to solve it myself with no success. 

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Can't form or join party
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140 days ago
On what platform you are playing and what are your account names? We would like to check the reason behind this.