Starting Perks


Greetings fellow Inquisitors, firstly a huge Kudos to Neocore for patch 0.7.0 epic work loving it thus far. 

So i thought i'd post this for anyone wondering about the subclass specific perks and what they were. Also be interesting to know which path you all chose and reasons why etc. I went for 2 characters from each class (as we do have a cap on character slots now of 6) My choices were as follows

Assassin: Infiltrator, Sniper    Crusader: Assault, Tactical   Psyker: Empyrearist, Scryer 


Good Hunting Fellow Inquisitors.

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Starting Perks
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6 years 192 days ago
That was gonna be tomorrows video xD dangit - might have to "borrow" those screenshots with permission.
6 years 192 days ago
Airsick Hydra
Help yourself bud, Look forward to some better info on them all as haven't tested many yet :D