Spark of Glory Purchase Bug


I've spent millions in credits and lots of fate to purchase the new spark of glory bundles at the ordo hereticus vendor. I haven't been crafting, just stocking up so I only now noticed that when I use them the items aren't added to the totals for the crafting materials.

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Spark of Glory Purchase Bug
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6 days ago
It is RickySpanish
7 days ago

Please give me your account name!

The issue got fixed on our backend today now the boxes will contain the correct amount of Sparks of Glory.

7 days ago
Darn it. I'm a fool! I just bought another one to test it and my total Spark of Glory material count is 100. After using the item, the count is still at 100. 
7 days ago
The ones I had the issue with were the 3 pack Sparks of Glory. The 5 pack Machine God's Sparks are working ok.

Honestly, I'm not sure how many I've bought. I'd buy all 3 of them in the shop each time, and I did that around 3 or 4 times.

8 days ago
May I ask how many boxes did you purchase? I will compensate your loss.

They contain Machine God's sparks now, which will get corrected.