Sororitas Class DLC:

New Abilities & Updated Compendium



In less than a week, on November 28 the new class will arrive to Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr.

This new Inquisitor comes with a background in the Adepta Sororitas – a Sisterhood known for their devotion to the Emperor, and their exceptional combat abilities. Last time we talked about the different Subclasses, now let's take a quick look at the new abilities and equipment.

Players who choose this new class will wield Faith as their most important weapon – this is represented in new abilities and a unique class resource.

Acts of Faith are manifestations of the Emperor’s light, resulting in supernatural phenomenon during battle. These abilities can grant protection, boosts, and other effects, they take up slots granted by various items like the Holy Censer.

Faith itself is a generated resource depending on Sacred Rites selected for the missions. Saintly Deeds decide how you gain this resource – the more Faith you have, the more powerful you can become. When their passion soars truly high, Sororitas Inquisitors can even turn into an Embodied Saint form with customizable Faith Abilities.

Sororitas Inquisitors also carry unique Banners that you can deploy on the battlefield. Each of them has different effects, such as damage bonus or healing. They are not just simple tools; they even have their own passive skill trees.

Finally, Sororitas Inquisitors wield new sanctified Imperial weaponry, like the Hand Flamer & Brazier of Holy Fire, the Rod of Faith or the Blessed Blade, combined with the trusty weapons you know from the base game, such as the Chainsword or the Plasma Pistol. Experiment with them and cleanse the heretics!

To discover a more detailed breakdown and stats of all weapons, enchantments, Banners, Acts of Faith, please check out our newly updated Compendium!

You can wishlist the Sororitas Class DLC on Steam before release, which is very soon, again: November 28. See you then!

The Emperor Protects!

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Sororitas Class DLC: New Abilities & Updated Compendium
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1 year 14 days ago
Ime sorry i paid 24.99 for the ps5 upgrade which was overpriced for graphics and this new class i log in the title updates and in the corne of the sceen is a picture of the sororitas class with a price tag of 11.99 are you kidding me you want even more after making console users wait 8 months low .
1 year 19 days ago
Then be open and clear and tell us what the hell is going on... you say Q1 its almost the start of Q3 right now! and still no information what so ever... at this point all excitment for this class is gone, im just going to enjoy remnant 2 now... gg guys but yall failed your console community...
1 year 35 days ago

Yes you guys are getting the new class. I feel your frustration though, hang tight! I ask your patience for just a little longer.

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1 year 35 days ago
So we are never getting for ps5 x series it as you guys went hands of and in posts have blamed both neocore and console makers for the delay i cant get refund on addons after 14 days so money gone and no new class deffo feeling robbed now
1 year 99 days ago
So... about that Q1 update? any news about this???
1 year 191 days ago
@STRYKER89@GILDEDSPIRIT‍ the Sororitas will arrive to both Xbox and PS in the first half of 2023. Preferably by the end of Q1 though I cannot guarantee that.
1 year 196 days ago
When will the sisters be coming to console?
1 year 198 days ago
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1 year 198 days ago
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1 year 211 days ago

Will this be coming to the Xbox version of the game? 

This comment was edited 1 year 211 days ago by GildedSpirit
1 year 214 days ago
This comment was deleted 1 year 197 days ago by Jim Fox