Some Suggestions (or just some ranting)


Hello everybody,

I just finished my second run, this time as Psyker, the first one was with an Assassin.
I love Warhammer 40000, so I put a lot of hope in the game and bought it before Early Access.
Some hopes were met, but some were not.

What do I like about the game?

The setting! It's dirty, it's bloody, it's Warhammer.

1. The Opponents: I understand that the game is mainly Nurgle-oriented, but one example made me very angry: Towards the end of the Black Legion mini-campaign, you board the ship of the Chaos Lord. The Black Legion certainly has many Nurgle followers in its ranks, but why do you only encounter Plague Bearers and consorts in the mission? Then you could have left out the three legions and can only take the Death Guard.
2. The Missions: The purpose of an ARPG is to kill opponents. But can not a little variety be brought into play? Escort missions that also have an effect if they get lost (for example, missing traders, mutinous regiments, collapsing fronts, etc.)
3. Impact: As an example I would like to mention the third (?) Mission of the Black Legion campaign, where you have to "save" the Marshall. In the end, you can kill him or not - does that affect what you will feel afterwards? See above.
4. Moral: An example of this would be (for example) that the look of the ship's bridge also changes - if you become a radical, you can, for example, Attach Fetles or exchange NPCs (Tech Priests vs. Hereteks). Likewise other missions - obliterate loyal regiments to summon a demon to bind later (which of course can go wrong with effects)
5. Maps: The Maps (at least those with the ship or station layout) look good. However, they are extremely empty. As a change one could encounter, for example, fleeing civilians, overrun barricades and possessed soldiers.

6. Loot: Where's the loot ?! I want to be showered with it in an ARPG. Partly, the yield is very poor and the majority is only salvaged anyway.
7. Relics: One suggestion: There are enough named and important enemies: Why can't they drop amed Relics? For example, a Bolt pistol or similar, which has effects on your moral.
8. Decorations: The remains of the named enemies could remain in stasis fields that grant perks (positive and negative). Like a femur or the skull.
9. The ship: What's it's name? Too bad that you can not see more than the bridge. Different stations (infirmary, armory, etc.) There you could also position the NPC.
10. Crafting: Once you get the first relics, crafting makes absolutely no sense anymore. You collect blueprints, which you will not use anymore (why).
11. The bosses: Unfortunately they are completely irrelevant. On the one hand, they look just like normal opponents, on the other hand, they just do not stay in the memory. You kill them and that's it.
12. The NPC: Again, as in point 11: I wish a back story. How did the Inquisitor meet Ragna, where are the other loyal Space Marines?

Well, what are your suggestions? :)


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Some Suggestions (or just some ranting)
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3 years 284 days ago
I just adding point 13: All of this really good suggestions should be done in EA stage of development
3 years 285 days ago



Greetings brother @OFLEGIONS‍ .

You seem to have given this allot of thought, and its straight to the point. Would it be too much too ask of you to either link this post in my post,, or simply copy/paste the whole thing into formentioned post?

I think your ideas deserve more attention and my only mission in this is to get as many thought-out ideas/suggestions etc. in one place so we can hopefully come up with very concrete examples to NeoCore about what we want, and how we want it.

Of course, all credit in your post goes to you, I am just trying to gather the clever minds.


Vlricus von Kronstadt

3 years 327 days ago

All of these would make the game much more desirable and unique. I look forward to these kind of changes as you do.