Game Needs Balance and Better Rewards


Thanks you dev's for putting together a good game BUT, a few suggestions. I've bumped up to playing on "impossible". The problem is you eventually run into that one boss that I'm not willing to waste an hour on trying to kill. I.E. Aspiring Sorcerer. Hits too hard and heals too fast. Period. It has rage quit written all over it. Then there is the problem with corners. When you are fighting and the map has a corner and you throw a grenade or launch missles, 90% of the time it goes in a direction that you never chose and never would have thus making you retreat in a direction of your choosing. Lastly, I cannot remember the last time a usable piece of loot has dropped. If you are playing on impossible you should receive impossible rewards not trash. I have over $7M in credits from trash and have no idea what to use it on. (hint, hint) See pics below as evidence of trash.

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Game Needs Balance and Better Rewards
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