Some Early thoughts


Ive been playing so far for a good hour or so by now and I completely understand that this is in Alpha, its just constructive criticism, and any comments adding on to this please be the same.

So some things i would like to suggest is I feel the game moves a little to slowly, and no i am not talking about frame rate, that will get fixed with optimization. The way I feel you could fix this is change the combat style of mouse and keyboard / point and click to more of a twin stick shooter, some of us do play with controllers and some do not but I believe it would make the combat more smooth. 

Another suggestion is I feel that there are to many enemies in each area, and I know what you are thinking of how stupid that sounds but here me out. We are playing as an inquisitor faced with the almost impossible task of purging every demon and heretic from the sector.Inquisitors are supposed to be "elegant" in their fighting style, theyre not brainless imperial guardsmen and each kill should almost feel somewhat personal and unless you have a stormshield I honestly dont think i should be standing there and taking hundreds of hits, we are not space marines and we shouldnt try to fool ourselves into thinking we are. 

I like the settings and i like the enemies but i also think they need more variety in not just design but how we kill them and how certain enemies kill us, which goes back to my statement of less is more. 

Thats my thoughts so far Im sure there are lots of things I have missed so I encourage everyone to write your constructive criticism so the devs will hopefully listen and make the game we know they can make.

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Some Early thoughts
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7 years 13 days ago
Im not really addressing the interface clunk i more so mean the movement and combat style they chose, I would honestly think a twin stick / point and click would be a better solution, parts of both would greatly improve the flow of animation and how we as a player respond to situations
7 years 13 days ago
I think there will be less interface "clunk" as the game gets polished towards release.

As far as missions taking too long; I think a more elegant solution is to provide a variety of mission types that represent both higher risk/reward as well as long and short time commitments.

ie, shorter and/or easier missions have lower rewards whereas higher difficulty/longer missions have higher drop rates/completion rewards.

7 years 13 days ago
True I can see what you mean however as far as it stands its just too clunky in its movements, I enjoy Diablo, I enjoyed helldivers, so I see the appeal and how both of the styles work but if you want to keep peoples attention when grinding for gear or grinding on missions they cant take an hour or so to complete. If not a twin stick it needs to be less clunky atleast
7 years 13 days ago
I respectfully disagree.

I think the combat pacing is excellent. Doesn't feel like a twitch game and I think that adds to the gravitas of the atmosphere. I don't want a lot of flash and dash. Gritty, brutal, grimdark combat.

As far as the tanky feel of the crusader; this class is wearing power armour. While not a full astartes, they are still packing some heavy wargear. Even looking at the three specialties they certainly fall into Assault, Tactical, and Devastator marine roles.

I expect the assassin and psykers will have more squishy/mobile feels to them.