Snakefist Megathread


Stardate 30.05.2018. 

Post 1 - Snakefist on Beta

Since no game, except perhaps Diablo 2, is perfect - Snakefist commends Mightily all the hard work on this game! It is excellent and Worthy of Mordor! When (admitting, freely) critical bugs are solved, the game is ready for good 2 months, perhaps 3 depending on yet unrevealed release-content.

By 'good for' Snakefist, of course, considers Story-related and casual players - if Snakeself were in context, it would be good for much, much more... depending on increased PL and uncapped levels.

Story 'is a story by itself' - even this shows its worth and potential. As it should be.

Stardate 30.05.2018. 

Post 2 - Snakefist on Balance of Belts

Force Field is absolutely dominating. Snakefist, in His Wisdom, thinks that it is *not* overpowered, and shouldn't be nerfed (perhaps by just a little, if it's a must). Why, oh Eternal Balancer? 

  1. It's in the current balance already. Balancesheet is practically *based* on it. With nerf, everything becomes harder
  2. In all His Endless Honesty, Snakefist claims that players would use it even with 2,000 shield value

What to do instead? Buff everything else. Dramatically, even. Here are some possibilities...

  1. Add an amount of shield points (1000, 2000 even) on everything else. This instantly changes decision whether to have Shield points to *how much* Shield points to have, along which other effect
  2. Buff affixes. Ideal Force Field now can have +HPreg twice and +Supreg once (or something more aggression related). Say others could have more, in value. Doesn't change the balance, since they are currently unused anyway
  3. Increase native ability of item, make it last longer or forever until spent
  4. Make things like grenades or mines to replenish themselves in time
  5. Make other items give (as alternative to item 1) Suppression or HP bonus, fixed as affix and changed by reroll, if the players wishes it to. Also, make possible for another such a bonus to be rerolled (and don't allow to Force Field to ever have it)

All of this is meant to increase diversity of belt items. In His Doubtless Certainty, Snakefist is Sure that meta-game would change in time in favour of other items, even without changes - but for a launch it's far better to have increased diversity AT ONCE (reviews, and stuff).

Coming Soon: Some thoughts on how to grab some vacation during summer, without aggravating playerbase. Useful tips and tricks by Snakefist, who too had a Great Pleasure to work 60-70h per week for several months, including whole Summer without AC in closed facility with dress-code - read fully dressed on 50C. For several times. Another case, He knows, but He, for One, has a Sincere Compassion for your troubles...

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Snakefist Megathread
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5 years 188 days ago
We do get that Warzone stuff. That is a neverending story afaik so we have things to do.
5 years 189 days ago

Stardate 31.05.2018

Post 3 - How to make bit space in otherwise hectic summer

Snakefist CARES! So, as things look now:

  • Beta2 today or tomorrow
  • Launch on June the 5th - this will *not* be painless, and will require several days to iron all the bugs... Typically ver. 1.03 and 1.04 is considered 'good enough' for most players
  • Console on July the 6th - might still require some work after, or the PC will, say July the 10th
  • This is more than a month after the launch, say seasons need to overlap, say it lasts 8 weeks (with work already started, He Understands, oh He Understands so much)
  • New content on August 31st then - but PC players will whine much longer cursing consoles and console player will complain to... Can't be avoided
  • This leaves only 7 weeks + whining is inevitable

What would be a solution, then? Unfinishable quest! Not really unable to finish, but repeatable with low chance of winning something beautiful, something worthy! And yet not overpowered...

In the 3rd months, all serious PC players will have maxed-out characters. The top-tier system will be harvested routinely, but there comes a time when not much, if anything, can be gained - and because of, boring - and boredom brings whining on forums.

So, how? Some general example, and you can use it or make it better...

Unfinishable mission - something like former Arena, lots of spawns, doomed to die at one point. With a twist! There is a chance for unique creature to spawn on very late levels, giving something unique.

Something unique is what not all players have - ranging from armour with two unique abilities, freeing 4th Perk (we will 'skip' first 5 levels to get it at the beginning of next season, but it's a reward, still), few attribute points ...

Or, The Planet of Doom! Another single planet, with uncommonly high PL - much harder for playing with cap, and bonus will expire soon-ish

This buys a bit of time. Did you, finished all the challenges? Do you have vanity item? Well... so, there IS one hard task left, whine as you want but there's always that. Since bonuses are <10% or vanity, console players have low reason to complain, an the PC players lower whining potential ('we are suffering so much because of consoles, first there was 1 month delay and now we have 1 month to wait for them, doing nothing' - well, it's not nothing now).

This leaves only 7 weeks + whining is inevitable

Not so much now! 7 weeks can promise at least 10 days of much needed vacation, whining is lower and you can go to Balaton to practice water-polo. Mordor >> than Hungary, so you definitely need a practice...

Coming next: About New Beta, if it gets uploaded today! 

5 years 190 days ago
the mighty leverance with a tl;dr version :

snakefist thinks force shield is the best asset hence every other belt item should get some more oomph so he has a harder time to decide which belt item to chose.

5 years 190 days ago
PVS balance = deplete the not used shield at 5 shieldHP/sec.

Item balanced!

PVS is a great "oh shiz!" button but you should not be able to use one and benefit from engaging with a hugue shield while you have your next one ready.