Game Crashes same place all the time????



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Game Crashes same place all the time????
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4 years 177 days ago

Its campaign mission 5 Madness Incarnated at the start i go up to talk to the guy and it crashes every time same spot kind of annoyed as i cant progress the game :/

4 years 178 days ago
Ok my game loads fine create character hit play...Opening video plays fine goes to load game after crash. I have tried many many times crashes exact same spot every time!!!! Seriously disappointing i have very limited game time work alot and want to try to do event for Skull Mask =( 
4 years 178 days ago
As far as i know there are still some crashes related to certain missions.

They already fixed some but obviously not all

But your thread is not particular usefull without some basic information.

You should at least give some more informations so the devs can actually look into this

Is it a Normal Mission, a Story Mission or a Tarot Mission? Which mission type it is?

Many missions that caused crashes before(like silence the guns) are working fine now for me.

I have experienced crashes for one of my Tarot Missions:

Tarot Cards are: The Rebellionist(hence Rebel Guard enemy type on the map), Unending Duty + Weakness

Map is Prometheum

Difficulty: Hard

I think you also should include all the informations i included.

Greetings and may the Emporer purge all crashes until release