Skills glitched


Hi i got myself an issue with my First Char an crusader. After 2.0 my skills are glitched. When i mind Reset the tree i can allocate the skills points. But after a while it switches back to the old skill tree Layout while the Newly allocated points stay. My Level 64 crusader has at the Moment 177 points allocated. And i Think the NEW allocated points didnt work. I respeced into heat tree but i dont see burns or vulnerabilitys on crit. I can send a pic when iam at home.

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Skills glitched
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2 years 89 days ago
You have -73 points after the reset which is a known bug. I think a game restart was a solution for that but check the older reports for this issue
2 years 90 days ago
Here a picture.

It were only 144 points. :)