Make it so that resets happen at midnight


As far as I observed, right now, resets (e.g. for Priority Assignments) happen 24h after completion of the last related activity. This might cause problems if players have different free time periods to play each day. For example, today I had time to play in the evening, and I did all 3 Priority Assigments. However, the next day, I can only play in the mornign, meaning that I cannot complete Priority assignments taht day, as they are not reset yet, and I don't have time in the afternoon to play after they reset.

So, it would be better if resets like these would happen at midnight each day, making it possible to utulize more diverse playtime periods.

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Make it so that resets happen at midnight
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2 years 335 days ago

We will check this out as there should be a given time when the assignments reset - not based on when you completed but after every 24 hours. Thanks for your feedback! 

2 years 336 days ago

Agreed, this should be the case for everything, like the reset for the vault (forgotten arsenal). Though it should be based on your region, so for us europeans based on GMT or CET. 

I think that the glory always resets at 1 AM CE(S)T though for me. Same with the cabal directives.

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