Skill tree unlock issue


I seem to have the Movement skill tree bugged out on my melee assassin. The prerequisite was to reach lvl 7 which i have, thought this issue may resolve itself after reaching the 2nd lvl skill unlock which is Execution at lvl 13 this unlocked as expected however it still left the Movement tree locked still. Images to show.

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Skill tree unlock issue
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7 years 2 days ago
Heretic Chris

Quite possibly but i can't say i noticed one, although i ended up re leveling another melee assassin char which upon reaching lvl 7 unlocked the movement tree and upon switching back to my original assassin it had unlocked it too. Could have been a Deed i completed but didn't notice at the time however.

7 years 3 days ago

Is there a Heroic Deed associated with it? Mine told me I had unlocked Magos Biologis Tree when I levelled up my Crusader but I still had to do the Deed to get access to it.