Framerate issue


Before the latest patch I used to play the game with a framerate variable from 60 to 45-50 (almost always 50), with all the settings maxed out.

Right now I expected to run it way better, since should have been some "performance improvements", but no, it got worse.

I'm playing (maxed out, 1080p) from 60 to 11. Yes, 11. Even tweaking it a bit (lowering shadows, AA, etc.) just gave me 4-5 fps more.

Any tips?

Rig: i5-4690, GTX 1060 6GB OC, W10, 12GB RAM, game installed on HDD (no other process running in background, etc.)

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Framerate issue
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6 years 226 days ago

Only tips i know of for better fps is to turn off High Shaders and have shadows on 0-1 lowering the physics detail to 1-2 helps a little too. Little optimisations due to being a founding alpha atm and runs very CPU heavy currently.

My rig is currently sitting at the min specs (found on the new steam page) and i get an fps range of 20-60 depending on mission destruction etc.

Hope you find a sweet spot for the settings fellow Inquisitor.