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Hello fellow Inquisitors, Visitors or Developers,

Skills are a bit lackluster right now my opinion [!], some are not even worth to press the button or seem out of place.

I´d like to land between the Hertecis with a crushing punsh of my Jumpback or let my Tarantula slay Chaos Spawns till the guns start to glow red. The Jump doesnt feel like having a REAL heavy impact (it has some) and the Sentry seems to stop shooting randomly (alpha i know), but what we need are DEVASTATING skills, Heretics need to be OBLITERATED.

I think it would be a more dynamic system to give every weapon a primary (left click) and a secondary (right click), with one handed weapon having either one. The primary should be something like the "channel ability" of the "Heavy Bolter" or the "combo attack" the "Thunderhammer" has, while secondary are more powerfull/specialised like the Bolter "Hellfire Ammunition" or "Rad. Granates" for the Granade Launcher. Furthermore we should be able to enable additional skills for each weapon if we equip special items (those we use in weapon slots), like a "Armorium Cherub" which enable the snipe/single target skill for a Weapon or "Grav-amp" for a Grav-Cannon Aoe attack. Sigils could be used as placeholder where no specific equipment can be found (the "Sigil of Retribution" for example enables a melee execution skill).

This enables the option to take somewhat personalised skills every game with the same weapon (yea its getting personal Pleague Marine) and get acces to some completely different options like an Iron Halo who gives a Shield for a small duration, or a Transmitter to order Reinforcements or even an Orbital Strike and so on. Every Augmentation would be a decision from a player and gives developers room to make skills really fitting for every weapon and playstyle, and not just have to find 4 for every pice. A Melter can fire a Beam. a second Beam an Aoe (why?) and a channeling Beam... Must be new superwapon but the Melter i know cant do this with further enhancement ^^.

I also would like to see a split between Power Armor and Augmentations like Jumpback or Cyclone Rocket Launcher. It has been this way in the boardgame and would fit in the system above. And not every type of Armor (Terminators??!) has to have each Version.

What do you all think about this? What would you like to see in the final game?
Im sorry for any mistake i made, english is not my native language.

Best regards,

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Skill and Weapons
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7 years 105 days ago

Nice write-up, I'll add this to our feedback section.

7 years 105 days ago

Thanks a lot :)