Idea - Mission/Environment TypE


This Idea came to me while I was going through posts on the feedback section.   You can notice a theme on visibility when people talk about the ship/indoor tile set.  Door ways are obscured.  Visibility is an issue.  Etc.  Then it hit me.   What if I view it as intentional and what benefits does it give me?

Derelict Ship - Lights off.  Emergency Lighting only.  Imagine that tileset in the dark, minimal lighting.  Only your torch/head lamp giving you the Emperors Light.  Red flashing lights, green glow of Nurgle Funk.  You could make your way to "engineering" to turn back on the power.  It doesn't have to be pitch black.  Just without white lighting.  Heavy shadows.  Could be fun.

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Idea - Mission/Environment TypE
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7 years 105 days ago
Indeed, nice idea! I'm going to add this to our ideas section :) Thanks for taking the time to post this.
7 years 108 days ago

Agreed, this is definitely a mission type that would be fun. I love derelict ships and ruins to explore. Turning the power back on to the lights and even un-powered sentry defenses would be a heck of a surprise walking back through. =)

I believe they have stated that many of the new missions would be "low-light" conditions. Many of the mission types will then have multiple sub types branching off from it for a greater diversity in game play.

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