Side Quests: A (somewhat) Complete Guide


Side Quests: A (somewhat) Complete Guide 

Last night I finished the grind to complete the Stalwart Servant Heroic Deed that requires you to do 25 side quests.  There have been several posts about this so I thought I'd put one together detailing what I learned that will hopefully help others.  I will include images of all the maps I found.  I say “somewhat” because this will change as new maps are added and for all I know, I missed some maps due to random chance.

First thing first, side quests only seem to appear on particular maps, but if you find one of those maps, the side quest/quests will always be there.  At present, all of the maps where side quests can be found are the “Tropospheric Platform” map types, but not all Tropospheric Platforms have side quests.  I will get to that in a bit.  The enemy type does not seem to matter, but I did find that the mission types “Hunt”, “Purge” and “Daemonic Incursion” are the only ones that show up on the side quest maps.

As to systems and planets, I cannot know for sure where side quest maps are possible, but I can tell you where I found them...

(125)Chernobog- I found several maps on Charkov and Malcorum Prime

(275)Aethon- Iona V seemed to frequently spawn side quest maps

(450)Dagnor- Dagnor Prime was the best planet for me overall, as I found most of my maps there.  Vismar Minor and Mondi Polonius also showed decent returns.

(650)Balthar- Never found a map here, but they could show up.

(925)Nereus- Nereus II had some maps for me.

(1350)Lacaon- Never found a map here either, but most of my looking happened during last week's event in that system, so that could have thrown things off.  Worth a look I guess.

There are single side quest maps and double side quest maps that have 2 quests each.  All and all, about1/3 of the side quest maps I found were double maps.  Similarly, of all of the Tropospheric Platform map types I found, it seems that about 1/3 are side quest maps, while 2/3 are duds.

If you look for side quest map types on any of these systems or planets and don't find any, just start missions on one of the planets listed and surrender as soon as it loads.  You won't be punished at all.  It won't cost you fate, glory, credits or xp. It will only waste some time.  The game will then load a new mission onto that planet or one nearby.  The new mission might or might not be a side quest map, it's basically random chance, but tossing the dice costs you nothing.  As I said previously, Dagnor Prime in the Dagnor system seemed to have the hottest dice, but you might find otherwise.  I did hit an hour long stretch where I couldn't get a side quest to spawn, so don't think you are doing it wrong if that happens as it's just luck as far as I can tell.

And with that all out of the way, time for the maps, both the good and the bad.  Side quest maps have red dots for starting position and green dots for the side quest locations.  Maps with a big red “x” are duds.

Map#1A/B: These are basically the same map with slight variations. I would not be surprised if all of these maps can vary a little.  The lower left dot is a rescue the troops quest.  The dot up top is a close the portal/gate quest.  If you rescue the troops first, they will follow you and will do enough damage to close the rift without you doing much.

Map#2A/B: Same thing here, the same map with some slight variations.  Like the last map this is a trooper/gate double map.  The troopers are at the dot on the right, with the gate to the left.

Map#3: Troop side quest.

Map#4: Troop side quest.

Map#5: Troop side quest.

And now for the “Bad” maps.  No quests here, skip them or surrender.












I ran all these side quest free maps several times.  Now you don't have to.  If a map looks like a variation of one of these(which happens), it is most likely a dud.

For all I know I missed some maps, but I think this is most of them.  If you guys find more, please do add screenshots to this post by all means.

Hope this post helps some folks with the grind to unlock Stalwart Servant.


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Side Quests: A (somewhat) Complete Guide
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3 years 203 days ago
Hi i have the same Problem as Extremplayer v2 i have the Achievement for 25Events but in my stats it says 20/25 for the last skill tree hope for some help :D
3 years 214 days ago

I'm not good at attaching any stuff, so just can give you a video where you can find 1 more map, where 1 side quest is.

Look at 6:55 (there is the map). There is "Bunker Busting" mission, but I've checked this map and this quest also appears in "Silence the Guns" on the same map.

Turn to the left on the first turn after you start the mission and you'll find the troops to save.

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3 years 298 days ago


on the tropospheric platforms the most common. but may be on other maps. 1 side mission.

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3 years 301 days ago

Necropost time!

As of February 2020 are side quests still exclusive to tropospheric platforms?

4 years 196 days ago
Love this guide, I only wish google was able to find this months and months ago
4 years 206 days ago
Thanks for the help it worked finally :)
4 years 206 days ago
Extremplayer v2

We checked on your account and corrected the problem. You should got the Suppression Tree unlocked now.

4 years 207 days ago
i have the same Problem with the Events i got the Achievement but it stays at 21/25 on the skill tree , please need help , cant get the counter higher , it will be my last skill to unlock my Bibliophiliac , hope you can help me 
4 years 265 days ago
Please restart your game and check the Deed! It should be good now!:)
4 years 265 days ago

As of a few days ago, the game glitches and gave me the achievement for Stalwart Servant 25/25 sidequests.  Even though I’m at 15/25 and now I can’t get pass 15/25 to unlock the Supression skill tree Catachan Survival Training.

4 years 265 days ago
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4 years 266 days ago
Just unlocked the supression tree thanks to this guide. Still works.
4 years 307 days ago
You mean side quests? The above mentioned mission types are more likely to give a side quest beside having a main goal. In case you start the mission you will bump into these side quests! 
4 years 308 days ago
I cant tell the difference between the ones that are side maps from rhe one that are the right ones i play on rhe ps4 and this is just really confusing  how can you tell them apart from one another i been doing this for hours some help please 
5 years 66 days ago

Verified this Silence the Guns mission (map) has a side quest simple prevent guardsmen from dying.

5 years 66 days ago
Thx for the help, did it in one day !
5 years 67 days ago
Thanks a lot for your very useful guide! We spammed a planet separately with a friend by capitulating to get new maps faster and we found 2 in less than an hour!

5 years 144 days ago
Posted by ClawIII 5 years 145 days ago
Thanks for this! Spent many days of 'pain' getting these maps, but with the help of your post and what maps worked, it was an easier pill to swallow. :D
Glad it was helpful.  Looks like SQ are now showing up on other maps as well.
5 years 144 days ago
Posted by Aldisun 5 years 146 days ago
Thanks for the great write-up, but I’ve been trying this for over 5 hours and not a single mission has spawned.
Sounds like really bad luck.  I got stuck like that for an hour as I said, but 5 hours is lame.
5 years 145 days ago
Thanks for this! Spent many days of 'pain' getting these maps, but with the help of your post and what maps worked, it was an easier pill to swallow. :D
5 years 146 days ago
Thanks for the great write-up, but I’ve been trying this for over 5 hours and not a single mission has spawned.
5 years 152 days ago

Thank you for the excellent work.

5 years 152 days ago

Thanks for this. 

Now a mini rant:

I dont mind the odd bit of grind or getting things with the flow of a game, but when games lock things like a skill tree behind a mission inside a random mission it  always makes my mind boggle. I dont mind the way it is but at least make the missions a bit more abundant.

I have 19 out of 25 and wasnt really in any rush to get the skill tree, but now Ive just watched a vid about a build with it in and my main is a lv50 Hev Bolter crusader, and I looked more closely at the skills Its one I want. The othe half has wanted it from the off for hers but then to find it was to get this you need to do a lot of random grind makes you ask why do devs still think this is a good way to entice players to play their game.

Love the game by the way just after going on for 150 hours the little things are becoming larger. 

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5 years 153 days ago
That's a lot of text for saying which planets spawn those maps, and you should accept/surrender "bad" maps to make new missions spawn. ;)

But still you gotta expect hours of work getting the maps and doing them to get to 25/25, at least it took me that long some time ago.

Thanks for putting up all the screenshots!

Btw, since one of the more recent patches, I also saw guardsmen side quests on other maps, so they might have fixed it a bit.
The main problem here was that they removed shrines as side quests which spawned very frequently without thinking about it.