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yesterday I checked the DLC content on consoles and pc and feels cheated, because the content on the consoles is different from the one on pc and vice versa. As I can understand, the exclusivity of cosmetic elements like companions, emote or decorations for the headquarters, especially for people who supported the game, or bought pre-release content, so cutting out content that can change the experience of playing the game is unfair to me. The game is not exclusive for consol or PC, so why its content for both platforms is different? If the game is release only on consoles, someone who has a PC just does not buy it and vice versa, but the Inquisitor is not exclusive, so why do I get the impression that buying the game on PC I got something incomplete? I will not touch the issue of paid DLCs, but if someone wants to buy them, why can not buy all of them, but only this, limited to content for his platform?

DLC title                                      release platform

Mind Plague                                PC + console

Poisoned Souls                          PC + console

City of Suffering                         PC + console

Faith Undone                              PC + console

Occult Siege                               PC + console

Grim Penance                             PC + console

Discordant Choir                        PC + console

Forgotten Arsenal                      PC + console

Maelstrom of Carnage              PC + console

Desperate Crusade                    PC only

Charybdis Outpost                    console only

Hollow Bliss                              console only

Seeds of Corruption                not sure, not available as DLC, I do not see this content in my game, even though it was supposed to be                                                     free (maybe I made too little progress in the storyline), I'm not sure, if it's available on consoles

Honestly, I do not care much about the cosmetic content (although making it available, even in paid form, would be appreciated), but cutting out plot elements because I use a different platform is odious!

PS: sorry for my bad English...

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Shredded content
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3 years 270 days ago

And, in the other hand, what you say is not quite true, because "Charybdis Outpost" DLC is available for payment on both PS4 and Xbox One.

3 years 270 days ago

You know, I thought that as a developer of such a recognized series as "Van Hellsing" you deal with your players differently ... I perfectly understand that it is difficult to provide support and development of the created game, if it does not bring profits, and that's why so much content takes the form of paid DLC (I omit the fact that unlike many similar titles this content is not limited to cosmetics), but preventing players from using feature content because they have versions on a PC, not a console, and vice versa?
And certainly you will not attract new customers if you cut them off permanently from the plot, because they did not have the opportunity to buy a pre-release version ... The form of temporary excitability would be the most fine, but permanent lack of access? If it was a lack of skins or companions, I would understand it perfectly, but to cut the storyline? 

Maybe it's just my opinion, but it hurts me personally ... especially that I am ready to pay for lost content now when I have the opportunity ...

PS: In any case, thank You for the explanation

3 years 270 days ago

the Hollow Bliss and Desperate Crusade DLCs will arrive onto both platforms!

The Charybdis Outpost DLC was a pre-release bonus for those who pre-ordered the game on console.

While the Seeds of Corruption DLC was a pre-release DLC on PC.