Shard Combine Issues? Here is my work around


I posted a few weeks ago about issues I have with Shard combines not working.  Since then I've kept playing around, and I've discovered that it seems some SINGLE shards are bugged - at least in my inventory.

Here is my "Ultimate Workaround"

Then I sell the bugged shard to Ragna & put the spare & new back in the Vault.

I have tried hanging on to the bugged shard, keeping track of it as a single in the vault - acquire more shards & try a combine with it again.  The exact same shard comes up bugged again no matter its inventory position.

Note that you must have at least +1 shard over the combine cost to be able to identify a bugged shard.

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Shard Combine Issues? Here is my work around
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281 days ago
In my experience you can solve 90% of these problems just by going back to main menu and log in your char again. Mostly happens after taking stuff from the stash. Seems that the game doesn't recognize the transfer from stash to inventory correctly. 

283 days ago
That's some nice catch there! I will have our developers reproduce the issue, thank you very much for the valuable information!