+3% Attack Range... How does it affect Vivisectors?


+3% Attack Range  for all construct skills, from the construct ability  skilltree,  how does it affect vivisetors?

Does it affect the range of their regular melee attack?

Does it affect the distance of their jumping "air assault" skill?

Does it affect the radious of their explosion on death skill?

Also, does ohter skills/perks outside of construct skill trees affect constructs? like the Puritan bonus to xenos/daemons etc? or the Puritan "Holy Conclabe", the Melee Damage skill tree etc...?

Thx in advance!

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+3% Attack Range... How does it affect Vivisectors?
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1 year 46 days ago

I never played tech adept but from my experience if a passive or enchantment effects a skill it usually says so. so if it were effecting said skills passive would specifiy it like +3% Attack Range for "air assault" skill or +3% blast range for explosion on death. so I would assume it effects their basic attacks. wheter it effects their melee or range alas I cant say but if I were to take a guess I would say range since melee weapons range is usually consistent with weapons size.

1 year 46 days ago
Sorry for necroing my own post, but i came back to the game and sadly the question remains unresolved.

Maybe any1 figured it out?