Several Steam Achievements not Tracking/Unlocking


The following Steam Achievements are not tracking or unlocking for me.

A Forgotten Place: Unlock the Agartha Subsector - I have already unlocked the Argatha Subsector on 2 characters.

Bibliophiliac: Unlock all Skill trees - I have already unlocked all skill trees.

Judge and Jury: Execute 50 enemies (Assassin and Crusader only) - Executions are not counting for progression of this achievement at all.  I'm at 0/50 despite many executions performed.

Veteran of Battles: Complete 50 multiplayer missions - My friends and I do Intel missions almost every day.  I'm at 0/50 for this achievement.

Brother In Arms: Join a cabal - I'm the leader of a Cabal.  I don't understand how I don't have this.

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Several Steam Achievements not Tracking/Unlocking
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2 years 293 days ago
Please note that the Steam achievements are not retroactive so those achievements bound to the story can be unlocked only if you once again get to the point of the story with a new character.

Veteran of Battles and Judge and Jury are indeed not progressing in coop, they will get fixed.
Brother in Arms can be unlocked if you leave the Cabal and join again (try this by applying if the achievement is not received, ask one of your Cabal members to send you an invitation.

As for the Bibliophiliac, we will look into it!