Server disconnect losing all mission progress, this is extremely frustrating when doing high level missions as all progress and loot is gone, needs to be fixed asap.

Trophy for completing side missions is unlocked yet the skill tree associated with said trophy is still locked.

One of your development team needs to access your site with a ps4 and attempt to enter text in posts to see just how ridiculous the system is, every time I want to delete something it closes the keyboard so I have to constantly open the on screen keyboard, this is the only site that has this issue.

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132 days ago
We will make some changes on our backend server today, after which there should be less connection problems on PS4!

The trophies count differently than the skilltrees and Heroic Deeds. If you complete a side mission, the trophy will count it immediately but the tree only does so if you also complete the main objective of the missions. Failing the mission directive but completing the side mission will update only the trophy. Hence the difference.

We will check the last issue, thank you!