Seeds of corruption


When will the Seeds of corruption DLC become available for everyone?  

As far as I know, it was confirmed a while ago on discord by a staff member that everyone will get this DLC. 

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Seeds of corruption
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4 years 48 days ago
Sanius Dartius
Hi. As you say, after few hours this DLC was not available for purchase in main menu.  It is all OK now.
4 years 72 days ago

As we checked on it a couple of times the Seeds of Corruption is not available anymore ingame! 

4 years 74 days ago
According to one of my friend, it can still be purchased, that was about 18 hours ago.
4 years 74 days ago
Sanius Dartius

The Seeds of Corruption DLC was accidentally made available for a short period of time on PC but we took it out within a couple of hours. May I ask can you still purchase it in your Main menu?

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4 years 76 days ago
Hi there. In game for the Fate coin i can buy DLC Seeds of corruption, at least i have this option, but i dont have) 1200 fate. But in steam client, in DLC list i don't see this DLC. It is just a bug?
4 years 108 days ago
Thank you!
4 years 109 days ago

I will discuss this matter with my colleagues and will get back to you here once I can confirm anything related to this DLC.