Seeds of corruption


When will the Seeds of corruption DLC become available for everyone?  

As far as I know, it was confirmed a while ago on discord by a staff member that everyone will get this DLC. 

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Seeds of corruption
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184 days ago
Sanius Dartius
Hi. As you say, after few hours this DLC was not available for purchase in main menu.  It is all OK now.
208 days ago

As we checked on it a couple of times the Seeds of Corruption is not available anymore ingame! 

210 days ago
According to one of my friend, it can still be purchased, that was about 18 hours ago.
210 days ago
Sanius Dartius

The Seeds of Corruption DLC was accidentally made available for a short period of time on PC but we took it out within a couple of hours. May I ask can you still purchase it in your Main menu?

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212 days ago
Hi there. In game for the Fate coin i can buy DLC Seeds of corruption, at least i have this option, but i dont have) 1200 fate. But in steam client, in DLC list i don't see this DLC. It is just a bug?
244 days ago
Thank you!
245 days ago

I will discuss this matter with my colleagues and will get back to you here once I can confirm anything related to this DLC.