(PS4) Skill & Perk description clarification help needed


New player (PS4).  Really enjoying the game, but I'm a bit confused on a couple things due to the in-game descriptions and haven't been able to find any useful written info anywhere online.  The text for the following two items below aren't very clear, or just badly worded, on how exactly they work. 


Optimal Dispersion: +1% damage to all Area of Effect skills after each enemy within their area of effect.

Q1: Does "after each enemy" mean for each other enemy within the area of effect or for each enemy?  

Q2: Also how exactly does it work? 

    Is the  extra damage getting adding in on that initial cast?  (example 1) OR  Is the damage being scaled up for the next AoE skill used, as in does it stack, and if so how much and how long for? (example 2)

Example 1:  Enemies A, B, and C caught in Pyro Blast and trigger the perk.

 * Each enemy takes 2% more damage or 3% more damage OR  is it that A  (first enemy hit) take +2% while B and C take +3% more.

Example 2: Enemies A, B, and C caugt in Pyro Blast and trigger the perk.

* Next   AoE skill cast gets 2 or 3% more damage  


Psychic Channelig: +8% Damage to all equipped psychic powers after each equipped damage dealing psychic power.
* How does this work exactly because the wording is really odd like there is supposed to be additional text there that got clipped?

I have a vague idea of how it works, but the numbers aren't exactly adding up, so I'd like to know how it's supposed to be functioning so I can need to submit a bug report or not. 

Appreciate any help in clarifying, thanks.

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(PS4) Skill & Perk description clarification help needed
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