Seasonal highlight need for physical range weapons to be revamped


Like title says I think physical weapons need some overhaul they're fine earlier on but fall far behind everything else when armored and units can regenerate start showing up, good example is the harbringer at earlier level if you play on extreme like I been doing so far he will heal through just about anything, if I switch to melta they're somewhat manageable if not overheating, if I use Flamer & rod I can just laugh while steamrolling across them.

But in essence there very few options to improve the physical range weapons for later game, I hear and see many convert damage to warp simply to make it viable if not abandon them as range option entirely later. Another point to make is how easy it is making codes for stuff like psalm heat weapon while practically most the physical weapons require Aegis psalm which seem to be a really rare drop for codes.

Really wish you would reflect on this and give physical weapon some review as to how they perform both against season harbringers from normal to extreme difficulty, but also how they perform late game for stuff like Warzones and Void crusades compared to the alternatives. Since I personally would like options to be able to choose more freely weapons of choice without feeling I am gimping myself out of content using the physical range weapon options

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Seasonal highlight need for physical range weapons to be revamped
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