Season of the Void Brethren is out now!


Patch v2.4.0

Season of the Void Brethren


The Caligari sector is beset by a new threat, a newly formed Chaos cult called the Void Brethren. Previously just an inconsequential cabal of void pirate gangs, they have been bestowed upon the blessings of Nurgle, a horrid gift that gives them power beyond mere mortals. With their ships they carry this gift far and wide, absorbing the dregs of the Imperium into their ranks. Other pirate gangs, fledgling cults, criminals and deserters, the Void Brethren grow stronger each day. The Caligari Conclave can ignore them no longer, they must be stamped out before their filth spreads too far.

Inquisitor's 3rd Season introduces brand new seasonal mechanics - make sure to learn them all to maximize the effectiveness of your purges:

Neither of our previous Season updates lacked new features and balance changes. The same applies for the current patch: QoL additions, features and improvements came with Season 3. Find out more by reading the patch notes below!

New Features

Co-Op Void Crusades

  • You asked for it, we delivered - from now on, you can conquer the Void with your friends. Read more about the challenges during the development of this feature [here].

Void Shard Exchange

  • You can now turn Void Shards into Void Dust, then form new types of Void Shards. This allows players to start Void Crusades for which they did not originally have the required shards.

Currency tab

  • Void Shards, Cortex Fragments, Seasonal Currencies, Tarot Cards and the like will no longer hog inventory space. Everything can be found neatly organized in the new Currency panel.

Loot Auto Pickup filter

  • You can now filter the Loot Auto Pickup feature so your character will only pick up items of your desired quality.

Loot from Destructible Objects

  • Crates, barrels, and the like will now drop loot upon destruction. Mostly you will find Credits in them, but sometimes there are supplies, inoculator charges, and even relics in them!

Tarot Card Removal

  • You can now remove already selected Tarot Cards and Empyrean Seals from missions.

Tech Adept Rebalance

  • Although the Tech Adept was popular there was a lot of criticism involving its itemization, the lack of lategame build options and overall game feel. We agreed with some of these and reworked his kit to reduce unnecessary micromanagement, simplify itemization while keeping his customizability and overall improve his synergy with his constructs. The Tech Adept's gameplay should feel more fluid, his build options were widely extended and he's very much capable of tackling lategame challenges in his new state. You can read the exact changes at the Balance section of this changelog


General Changes

  • An extra character slot has been added
  • Enemies now properly scale up to lvl 130
  • Adjusted Villain Spawn rates. The chances of spawning one/two/three Villains on a mission at level 10 are now 50%/20%/0% which increases gradually to 70%/30%/15% at level 70.
  • Level mission scaling was reworked: You only get 99% damage penalty at +18, up until that point every single level reduces your damage output by 23% compared to the previous level. This change should remove the massive wall that was 99% by introducing 9 new difficulty levels between 90% and 99%
  • The damage taken scaling was reworked as well: Every level adds 19% extra damage compared to the previous. This means that between +11 and +17 you deal more damage but take slightly more as well, and as such. defences might be more important now for certain builds
  • Coop difficulty scaling was also tweaked, it's less penalizing now
    • Enemy scaling per additional players:
    • Horde: 20% hp / additional player
    • Normal: 50% hp / additional player
    • Medium, commander, structure 35% hp / additional player, 50% supp.res. / additional player
    • Elite: 75% hp / additional player, 50% supp.res. / additional player
    • For all units: + 25% xp / additional player
  • Several enemy setting received overhauls, mostly buffs. Most dangerous attacks received an extra visual effect and/or a warning
  • Dozens of skills were overhauled in a way that let's you actually dodge them, while having their damage increased slightly. No more homing jumps on enemies any longer
  • Added a lot of new, persistent Area attacks for several enemies, making it a bit more dangerous to just stand around
  • New property: Attack Speed. Attack speed was technically used by the game before but in a limited and often hidden way. Now it was introduced (mostly for constructs) as an official property. It makes animations play faster, directly affecting all channeled skills, indirectly affecting everything else, as it is complementary with CD reducing effects (CD often starts when the animation starts so if an animation plays faster, you'll need a faster cooldown to keep up with it.)
  • Enemy DoTs also stack everywhere so be ready to dodge as much as possible because they can be really deadly. To compensate for this, enemy DoTs no longer scale from the applying skill's damage but from a fix number on every level that scales exactly as any other damage does
  • Boss type enemies received a new Suppression Category, they cannot be Suppressed (Red) anymore. This means, it's no longer possible to stun bosses
  • Enemy Energy Shield now scales at the same rate as their HP does
  • Dozens of skill descriptions and tooltips were updated both for the changed skills and the unchanged ones

New massacre effects were added

  • 10: 10% Damage Bonus, 5% XP
  • 25: 30% Damage Bonus, 10% XP
  • 50: 45% Damage Bonus, 20% XP
  • 75: 60% Damage Bonus, 30% XP
  • 100: 75% Damage Bonus, 50% XP
  • 150: 90% Damage Bonus, 65% XP
  • 200: 105% Damage Bonus, 85% XP

Tech adept changes

  • Reworked level up rewards and starting perks for all 3 subclasses. Subclass restricted perks from the other 2 specializations are available for everyone at lvl 80 and lvl 90
  • Starting gear and available constructs were also adjusted for the classes. Unlock progression through leveling up is also reworked, if you have existing characters between lvl 1-40 you might encounter a situation where you can no longer use a given item you were using

Construct Modules

  • Construct weapons and and module slots are now unlocked through leveling up, instead of through passives
  • Constructs modules are available from the start and can be equipped

New behavior

  • Construct weapons can now be upgraded using Tech-Fragments. Tech-Fragments can drop from any enemy, roughly in the same pace as XP can be acquired
  • Construct weapons no longer drop, any existing weapons have been converted to crafting materials, exiting Tech adept's construct weapons are upgraded to the hero's current level, newly created character's weapons start on the level they are unlocked
  • Construct weapons can now be leveled up to lvl 150, massively increasing their power but this comes with exorbitant costs
  • The game is balanced around having lvl 100-110 weapons for the endgame, but if you want an extreme grind and being able to beat the hardest possible levels, you can keep farming it
  • Construct equipment screen was reworked to accomodate the changes

Passive skill trees

  • With the removal of unlock talents, some skill trees became rather empty, so a complete overhaul was needed
  • About 60 new nodes were added, adding a lot of synergy and specialization options
    The progress through the skill trees was revamped (you only need to put a certain amount of points anywhere on the tree to be able to unlock the keystone passive), the tree's layout is now branching out instead of concentric
  • Existing skill trees will be reset


  • Practically, all constructs were overhauled in one way or another. Their innate Damage Reduction scaling was removed, their built in damage reduction (Kataphron, Kastelan) was removed as well. For these nerfs they were compensated in the Passives, on the Modules, in Attributes and enchants. Overall, their defences can be considerably better than they were
  • All constructs are now have 80% Resistance to Persistent effects (multiplicative with existing defences) and are ignored by traps, meaning they won't blow you up when crossing mines
  • The way Construct Base Damage was calculated was quite complex, hence we simplified that by a lot. This rework along with the other changes makes it really hard to actually give numbers for the following list, however, you can see everything in-game with updated tooltips that give you all the information you might need. Also please note, whenever "kit" is mentioned it includes their skills, their behavior and build options and synergies

  • Psiloi Vivisector
    • Their kit was tuned towards "horde" gameplay instead of "explode" build. They have a lof of options that can considerably increase their suvivability, their damage output was drastically increased (partially due to some fixed bugs)

  • Psiloi Combustor
    • Their kit was tuned towards ranged horde behavior, they are the glasscannon option of any Tech Adept build. Their damage was increased by about 200-400% (not counting the weapon modules) and they gained exclusive options for survival

  • Turrets (in general)
    • The most drastic change is the way they arrive. Instead of slowly falling, they now impact the ground, knocking back and knocking down enemies

  • Support turrets
    • Voltagheist, Alpha and Beta turrets are now an essential part of any Tech Adept build. Their bonuses were increased by about 500-1000%, several bugs fixed (especially with the Healer turret). Any one of the three turret effects can drastically change the way you play because they give massive bonuses. A support Tech-Adept can come handy in Co-Op from now on

  • Tarantula turrets
    • They are much more responsive and have many modifiers and synergies that they lacked previously. If used with support turrets, some might even replicate a miniature STEEHL REHN maneuver

  • Kataphron Vanguard
    • New Skill: Taunt. Using Taunt which aggros enemy units, this construct essentially saves you and the rest of your army from destruction. Its kit is really versatile though most of it is focused on its survival
    • Both its skills are now AoE, the Heavy Battle Servitor (Charge) and Canticles of the Omnissiah (AoE shock) were considerably buffed, so the area damage this construct can deliver is quite impactful now

  • Kataphron Destroyer
    • Now uses both its weapons simultaneously so it's truly deserving of its name. Its survivability was increased, while it cannot serve as a frontline unit, it will at least won't get killed by stray bullets. Its weapons received a lot of new tags and its damage output is possibly the highest amongst all constructs now

  • Kastelan
    • It's a jack of all trades, master of none situation. Building for Kastelan is easy, straightforward, but not the most effective in any regard. It gained a lot through synergies with other effects its active was changed to give attack speed instead of healing so it is worth using constantly. Attack speed actually reduces the duration of the "death" of the Kastelan, so with its own skill and a support turret it is possible to reduce the 20 seconds "downtime" to just a few seconds.

Tech Adept weapons

Voltaic Axe Beta 

  • Voltaic strike: Now counts and works as a Melee skill. Gained Chain tag
  • Strike: Gained Cone effect (AoE) tag

Plasma Caliver Beta

  • Channeled shot: Damage Reduced to 0.6 from 1.08
  • Now increases Construct damage by 50% up from 25%
  • Short Burst: Gained a 1.5 metres aoe effect and its damage increased from 0.3 to 0.6

Omnissian Axe Alpha

  • Strike: Attack Speed was reduced by 20%, its damage increased from 1.37 to 1.6

Omnissian Axe Beta

  • Strike: Attack Speed was reduced by 20%

Voltaic Axe Alpha

  • Strike: Gained a small cone effect (AoE) and a Heat Vulnerability tag. Gained Chain (AoE) tag


Tech Adept Exclusive:

Various perks have been moved around from and into being Heroic deed unlocks. (Previously <->Currently)

  • Siphoned Vigour <->Mind Impulse Sync
  • Emanatus Field <->Archeotech Constructs
  • Synod of the Machine god
    • Damage bonus increased from 25% to 75%
  • Mechasapient
    • Also increases the number of Psiloi Combustors by 1.
  • Defensor Augmentics
    • Now affects all constructs AND the Tech Adept
  • Electro Scourge
    • All Constructs are affected, movement speed increased from 1 to 2% and also increases the attack speed by 2% per construct
  • Omniscent Constructs
    • Damage Bonus increased from 30% to 66%
  • Defensor Augmentics
    • Now affects both the Tech Adept and Constructs while giving 0.25 Damage reduction per percentage of reserve up from 0.15
  • Emanatus Field
    • Now gives 2 Supreme All Resist instead of 1 Damage reduction for every Construct in a 10 meters aura up from 5 meters
  • Infoslave Protocols
    • No longer deducts the construct affected from the total number of constructs
  • Mind Impulse Sync
    • Now transfers 100% Melee Damage Bonus to Constructs up from 30%
  • Noospheric targeting
    • Now gives 40% Ranged Damage Bonus up from 20%
  • Syphoned Vigour
    • Duration increased to 15 from 5 sec
    • Damage Bonus increased to 10% from 5 per stack
  • Parasitic Bio Link
    • Now heals 1% on Construct hit taken instead of 0.1%


  • Armory of Zeal
    • Now available for the Tech Adept
    • Now gives an additional 100% Damage Bonus for Grenade and Mine skills
  • Heatsinks
    • Now give 45% Heat Damage instead of 25% for Overheating weapons
  • Inverse Warp Attenuation
    • Now gives 10% Life Drain instead of healing from the Warp Heat Damage in Unhinged state
  • Puritan
    • Gain 0.2% of your max HP as a Regenerating Energy Shield per Puritan morality points, 1% Shield HP regeneration, 55% Heat Damage Bonus while you have an active Energy Shield
  • Utility Harness
    • Now gives an additional 100% Damage Bonus for Grenade and Mine skills

Tech adept only enchants

  • Construct affecting defensive enchants (Damage reduction/resists) were increased to be reasonably close to the module bonus values
  • Added supreme DR and Resist to be able to achieve 80*80% mitigation (96% towards the given damage type)

Armour Skills

Electroid Shielding

  • Now gives 150% HP gained on Damage to constructs for 20 seconds
  • Cost increased from 30 to 40 data flux
  • Cooldown decreased to 35 sec from 45

Necromechanics Rainment

  • Duration increased to 15 sec
  • Cooldown decreased to 10 sec from 20
  • Damage bonus now affects the Tech Adept too
  • Heal decreased to 30% from 40%
  • Now gives 25% movement speed for the constructs and the tech adept too on use


  • Godlike invulnerability on big struck gained a visual effect
  • Demonic weapon damage on kill gained visual effect
  • DoT applying enchants now properly apply stacking Dots
  • Enchants affecting surprise state now properly work with Personal Teleporter too
  • Vulnerabilies are now properly applies by enchants
  • Invulnerability on big damage now has an effect
  • All Tech Adept Construct weapon, module enchants were rearranged, Tech Adept equipment enchants were rearranged


  • The Arc Sword's Voltaic Strike skill gained a Chain tag


  • Grenade Launcher's Short Burst skill: Area effect radius reduced by 1 meter
  • Single shot: Area effect radius reduced by 1 meter


  • Tags: "Chain" now counts as AoE. Consequently, updated tooltips for the new/changed behaviors, fixed tooltips in many other cases.

World Skills

  • Artillery now deals 2000% base damage instead of fixed 500 damage and gained knockback, knockdown and slow tags. It also hits twice as many times
  • Mine field deals 5.0 base damage instead of 300-400 fixed damage

Psalm doctrines

  • Phosphoenic Psalm + Technomartyr Psalm + Neuralis Psalm + Binharic Psalm
    • Radius increased to 6m from 3
    • It is now affected by AoE area manipulating effect
    • It hits every 0.25 sec up from 1 sec
    • Its damage is increased to 1.5 from 0.1
    • It gained visuals an sound effects
  • Voltaic Psalm + Aegis Psalm + Hermeticon Psalm + Shroud Psalm + Emanatus Psalm
    • +1 HP and Energy shield HP gained on hit -> 20% of the damage dealt gained as Hp and Energy shield.
  • Technomartyr Psalm + Hypergheist Psalm + Shroud Psalm + Nova Psalm + Galvanic Psalm
    • Behavior changed to: Gain Ethereal and an Inoculator charge when taking damage under 30% HP or when taking a potentially lethal blow.
    • Ethereal enables moving through enemies with +50% Movement Speed while ignoring all damage but also disables the ability to deal direct damage for 5 seconds (15 seconds Cooldown)
  • Transonic Psalm + Nova Psalm + Icarus Psalm + Aegis Psalm + Animus Psalm + Technomartyr Psalm
    • Damage increased from 0.5 to 1.2, it gained an AoE tag
  • Aegis Psalm + Hypergheist Psalm + Shroud Psalm + Nova Psalm
    • Gain 50% of your max HP as a Regenerating Energy Shield, 2% Shield HP regeneration, +100% Maximum Shield Cap
  • Voltaic Psalm + Aegis Psalm + Hermeticon Psalm + Shroud Psalm + Emanatus Psalm
    • Gives 12% Life Drain and Energy Shield Drain
  • Voltaic Psalm + Voltaic Psalm + Technomartyr Psalm
    • Now affects constructs too
  • Terminus Psalm + Haemo-drain Psalm + Volkite Psalm
    • 200% Bleeding Damage Bonus  against enemies in a 8 meters radius
    • Now affects constructs too.
  • Static-burst Psalm + Galvanic Psalm + Iron Psalm
    • 125% Grenade and Mine Damage
  • Phosphoenic Psalm + Volkite Psalm + Hypergheist Psalm
    • 70% Heat damage bonus
    • Now affects constructs too
  • Emanatus Psalm + Electro-haze Psalm + Iron Psalm
    • 70% Physical damage bonus
    • Now affects constructs too
  • Nova Psalm + Volkite Psalm + Transonic Psalm
    • Now affects constructs too
  • Phosphoenic Psalm + Binharic Psalm + Volkite Psalm + Terminus Psalm
    • 125% Heat Damage Bonus
    • Now affects constructs too
  • Haemo-drain Psalm + Animus Psalm + Aegis Psalm + Uncreator Psalm
    • 125% Physica Damage Bonus
    • Now affects constructs too


  • Damage Shrine now gives 100% Damage up from 50%
  • Defense Shrine now gives 15% Supreme Damage Reduction


Shadowsword mission (Tank mission)

  • Shadowsword's speed was increased by 10%
  • Skill castrange was increased to 70-120 meters up from 40
  • Damage of all weapons was increased by 400-1000%
  • Cooldown of all weapons was decreased by 20-66%
  • HP was increased by 250%

Deflector field 

Its behavior was changed to:

  • +50 Energy shield/item level
  • 3% Energy shield regen/sec
  • 30% Reflect chance
  • 125% Reflect damage

Note: This change was necessary because this item worked like a reflect item, but technically wasn't one and thus it had no synergy with any other reflect related effect.

Fixed bugs

  • All AoE type effects affect all AoE types properly
  • Personal teleporter's surprise bonus duration now properly applies
  • The Fiery Form's volume decreased once again as it was reportedly too loud
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Season of the Void Brethren is out now!
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2 years 282 days ago
Just as @BROTHER KUNDARI‍ ‍said, since you are playing on PC the Season is far from over. :) 
2 years 285 days ago
Posted by Trodomir 2 years 285 days ago

Thanks! Season's over though so it's bittersweet.

Uummm, sorry. Over? I hope you are talking about the Console Warp Season.

Would be a bad thing if it were for the PC and this thread.

This is for the PC Season, not Console. So please say it in the appropriate Channel to avoid confusion.

2 years 285 days ago

Thanks! Season's over though so it's bittersweet.

2 years 287 days ago
We marked this objective as completed, sorry for the troubles!
2 years 291 days ago
I have a wonderful bug where the Sacred Duty I objective never completed even though I'm now 60+ on that character and the Sacred Duty II did complete. Means I'm stuck and can't get rewards at all. Lovely.
2 years 332 days ago

Not sure if anyone has helped with this yet, but each of the Crusades have been detailed out in a few online tools including the best routes to take to minimize the difficulty level of the Supreme Mission.  Unlocking adjacent missions is the key, since once unlocked, let's you complete the previous mission as a +2 with no additional increases, then all adjacent unlocked missions are +2.  You can come back later to finish those and they will still be at +2.

Very detailed information can be found here (links):

Void Crusades - Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr Wiki (

Vrakos Anthrakir Guides for each Crusade

Grimstalker's Ebony Void Crusade Mastery, just two +4 missions as highest difficulty

Sure hope this helps out, since it really did make it so much simpler for me when I couldn't figure out the best path to follow.

2 years 344 days ago
Posted by Warondar 2 years 345 days ago
That's also the case if placing mines in front of supply crates and loot chests!   It will NOT allow you to open them.  You can't blow up your own mines by shooting them or even deactivate them.
I know this, but it means very little to me. A Chest or two, I can live without.

That this effect is in place, concerns me the most when it prevents me from reaching my Main Objectives in a current Mission. Especially like Bunkers and Turrets.

In the beginning I did not know ANYTHING about the "turn-around". So a couple of times I ended up having to quitting some single Missions, and even some Void Crusades Progress. Try to do that in Mission 18-19 in your goal to complete a FULL Crusade. And on HARDCORE.

Well, today I know so I can get "around" it. But what now if you are getting in the situation of there not being any more Mobs around to "lure" into your traps.

Or imagine this situation: You are on a Void Crusade. Hardcore. Get all keys and Info Frags. You are on Mission 17. Take down those Turrets and Bunker. Then you come to the final goal in your Mission, this darn "(&¤ happens, and you stand there, with absolutely NO MOBS LEFT at ALL in the Mission. Only one single Mine is between you and your Mission Accomplished. What do you do? There is in fact only one single thing you CAN do. And that is Quit.

2 years 345 days ago

Hello, i have a question:
Does "shield efficiency" affects Shield Drain?

2 years 345 days ago
We will tune down the Warp Anomalies with our next hotfix!

@VIZSILO‍ the issue is under investigation, thanks!

2 years 345 days ago
Brother Kundari
That's also the case if placing mines in front of supply crates and loot chests!   It will NOT allow you to open them.  You can't blow up your own mines by shooting them or even deactivate them.
2 years 346 days ago
I'm trying to master a void crusade(every mission, every intel, every key), but the supreme mission level goes up to the point that I have no chance of makin it. For example: a few mins ago I had it unlocked at mylevel+2, finished a secret mission and suddenly its mylevel+10... Is this normal? If it is, then I'm just going to give up on mastering them...
2 years 346 days ago

The season is amazing the mechanics are awesome I have one complaint. There's too much negative warp when you play as Psyker in comparison with other seasons and no season Psyker character. Could you please review if this proceeds? thanks a Lot 

2 years 346 days ago
Posted by Brother Kundari 2 years 348 days ago
I cross my fingers then for it being on the HIGH priority to do list then. Because it is extremely annoying, when it happens. And in some cases it can even destroy your entire progress.

I know today how I can get "around" it, but it is also depending on you having left of Mobs you can lure into those Mines. It is also a tedious and timeconsuming progress.

The season is amazing the mechanics are awesome I have one complaint. There's too much negative warp when you play as Psyker in comparison with other seasons and no season Psyker character. Could you please review if this proceeds? thanks a Lot 
2 years 348 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 2 years 349 days ago
That bug is on our list for a while but it is a hard one. Our devs sank quite some time into figuring out the cause but to no avail. Not forgotten though.

@AGATHEIS‍ yeah, our designers are planning to do the same with the rest of the classes.

I cross my fingers then for it being on the HIGH priority to do list then. Because it is extremely annoying, when it happens. And in some cases it can even destroy your entire progress.

I know today how I can get "around" it, but it is also depending on you having left of Mobs you can lure into those Mines. It is also a tedious and timeconsuming progress.

2 years 348 days ago
There is a tick next to your Tarot Card consumables. Clicking on it will use up the consumable.
2 years 349 days ago
How exactly do I upgrade my tarrot cards now? I see the cards in the currency tab but no idea how to use them
2 years 349 days ago
Brother Kundari
That bug is on our list for a while but it is a hard one. Our devs sank quite some time into figuring out the cause but to no avail. Not forgotten though.

@AGATHEIS‍ yeah, our designers are planning to do the same with the rest of the classes.

2 years 350 days ago
With regards to the Tech Adept subclass perks becoming available for the other subclasses at levels 80 and 90, could you please just do this for the other classes as well? I really don't want to start new seasonable characters then get to the mid- or late-game and discover a useful perk isn't available to me because I picked the wrong random starting subclass. 

Thanks for the great work!

2 years 350 days ago
And after a few hours played and Level 33 for the moment, I must say you forgot to fix one thing. And that is, the bug with when placing a minefield next to Bunkers and so on. When doing so and there still is Mines in close procimity near the Bunkers and so on, you are unable to press down the F key to claim it. Would be extremely good to see this annoying bug fixed for good.

Another thing I want to see done is on Arctic and Foggy Maps. You should mark out all those Chests with MUCH stronger Colours on the Playfield. They are VERY difficult to spot many of them.

2 years 351 days ago
Ok, I see the one and only Tank Mission has been pumped. Hope I can actually do something with one of the finest and mightiest Tanks the Imperium has on offer now, compared to how it was.
2 years 351 days ago
Haven't yet had time to look at the details, but the changes seem nice. Maybe I will give it a try after a 8-month break from the game. I see a lot of changes in TA aspects that used to be very problematic, so this time I might give it another go.

Loot filter, re-worked construct trees (very good!), more construct resistance to AoE, more power and usefulness to kataphrons, better construct gear progression, etc. etc. Not bad!