Screen shaks



The screen shaks all the time wean I move the char wean don`t move it the option from video setings don`t work its unplayable all the time screen shaks cand do nothing reinstalled the game nothing reinstalled video card dreiver nothing video card up to date I can`t plaly the game since all the time screen shaks 

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Screen shaks
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1 year 247 days ago

Well I was mad and unistal the game deleted all Warhammer 40k inquisitor martyr files,reinstaled the game and works normal in low settings,medium settings,high settings,ultra settings I think was a file data broken r so wean updaited but now the game works normal no more shaks I happens waen game updaites.PS I hope next time you guys wont rush to release the updaits just take your time to mache the game better ^^

1 year 247 days ago

please check on your Video settings:
- turn off temporal AA

- check the new Frame Blending option as well 

- lower your Physics and texture details.

We hope this helps resolving the issue!