Scaling amongst party members not working


I couldn't find anything anywhere stating that the autoscaling was getting removed, so I'm making this post as a last ditch effort.

Was the scaling system removed? I mostly play this game with my father, but I have more time to play it solo than he does, so I'm usually a much higher level than he is. The scaling was the main thing that allowed us to keep playing together without the time investment difference becoming too much.

Did I miss something? Was it removed? If so, why?

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Scaling amongst party members not working
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114 days ago
I would've been able to play it off as it being whole specific to me if all of my friends that I've got into the game didn't have the same exact issue. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled, and it remained the same.


I'm level 84, my father is level 72

It used to be that if he were to have joined my game, the game would treat him as being the same level as me (minus the passive skill points, of course). Also visa versa. If I joined his game, I'd be treated as a level 72. This has only been an ongoing thing for about a month or so, so I figured it was in an update that I might've missed the patch notes for, but couldn't find an update that had removed the scaling.

115 days ago
We did not remove the scaling but if you could point out some things from which you came to this conclusion it would be helpful to us in our upcoming investigation.