Dear developers: Any hope for a new expansion or significant update?


Dear developers: Any hope for a new expansion or significant update?

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Dear developers: Any hope for a new expansion or significant update?
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3 days ago
Personally, I wish for having a big Expansion as in EXPANSION. You know, like new Race(s), Opening of new Sectors, Game Modes, expanding the already existent Races with more different (because I know they have) units, maybe and very likely people will like to have more Campaign(s), Upping the Level of Characters, New strange weird (take a look at old Rogue Trader for instance) playable Characters, more BIG BAD Bosses, perhaps some people would like to see more opportunities regarding end-game thingies etc, etc..

I know some Updates can and should bring more and different things onto the table, like Major Updates and Seasons is a perfect opportunity to bring on new stuff, and even some of the stuff I mention at the start here. I will not call Events like the upcoming one a Major Update, a small one rather, but still an update. Seasons are bigger ones, since they do actually take some Major planning to execute.

But you know what Neocore?! I do think you are planning some nice things within the future of Inquisitor, and probably many things is left to see, but even with this, and I have to admit it, (and probably not the only one around) do truly do wish to see a huge big major EXPANSION for Christmas. It costs money yes, and likely something around €15-€20 or something like that, but I don´t care, because that one brings so much sweet & awesome new things to the game.

So, there you have it. A big wish and also because of the game needs it. And also because I felt the need of saying it.

3 days ago
Thank you for answering, Marco :)

I guess that means no more expansions, though?

Oh well, I really like the game - so I'm greedy!

3 days ago

Yes, we are working on some new stuff:

- 2 events are in the preparation (Dark Nemesis and a not yet named one)

- the Season of the Inferno will come to an end around the beginning of November or so (we will provide a more exact date to grant everyone enough time to finish their goals)
- a new major patch will also be out later this year (a quite big one, comparable to the Inferno patch)

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3 days ago

look at roadmap

dark nemesis approaching...

4 days ago
I´m not one of the Developers, but I can assure you they are working on and will be giving out Major Updates and great new Expansions.

It may not feel like it, but take a look at the Season of the Inferno which is now. That is a Major Update.