Sale of Mind Resets Goes Bad


When selling the Rare/Purple Mind Resets the items are supposed to sell 10k Credits and 3 Fate. While they do return 10k credits when sold, they unfortunately do not give you any date.

I double-checked by selling a second Mind Reset, and sure enough, my fate did not increase at all (I started with 111 and after selling two of the consumables, I was still left at 111 when I should have ended up with 117).

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Sale of Mind Resets Goes Bad
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4 years 184 days ago

They reset ONE skill tree only, not all of your skill trees. At least that is what I read from the description.

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4 years 185 days ago

I had no idea, I figured they would respec everything. Why would they make a respec that you have to do multiple times? Are you sure that's right, because that sounds like the dumbest shit I've ever heard...

4 years 185 days ago
Why in all the hells would you sell something as insanely valuable as a Skill respec? They're absurdly rare and you need multiple to do a full respec anyway. They could sell for a million credits and 10k fate and I wouldn't sell them.