Runic items not dropping at high level?


I am at like level 45-46 and doing missions around 1450-1550 difficulty, I get no Runic items anymore actually I can confidently say the only Runic drops I get are from the cache rewards and that is very rarely.
Most missions I do i'd be lucky to get a single purple item.

Can anyone else doing this difficulty let me know how often the drops are on average?

I have a theory but just want to know what the average rate is.

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Runic items not dropping at high level?
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2 years 58 days ago
Those Relic Weapons is just darn tough and hard to come by. I have so many hours of playtime, but only 1, yes, that is ONE Relic Weapon.

I even played Missions, that are supposedly holding these Chests, that are even called Relic Chests, which are guarded by Daemons. And on one Mission I played, I found a Chest like this, and Guarded by not just one in fact, but a whole bunch of them in all sort of classes.

When I finally took them all out I could actually open that specific named Relic Chest that are supposed to contain some kind of Relic Weapon. I open it, and behold, a mighty Bolt Pistol. Can you imagine?!? a Bolt Pistol, and I who just barely survived the onslaught of a whole bunch of Daemons.

When finally having a look at that socalled Relic Weapon it isn´t even a Relic Weapon, but just a common Purple item. Oh well, a purple item isn´t exactly JUST a COMMON item, but you get what I mean.

But a true Relic Weapon is (the one single one I have) is the one that has the text RELIC on it, and the colour (when you check the weapon/item) is a deep brown and with a orangey red.

So I´m wondering if the Chests that are called Relic Chests which one can find, are these bugged or something? Cause it is certainly not Relic items contained within them.

And I seen some finding RUNIC items? Are RELIC and RUNIC items the exact same thing, or what? Because I have yet to find any item that is called RUNIC.

2 years 60 days ago
I'm level 47, and running max level missions.  I almost never get a relic item.  
2 years 60 days ago
also the artificer items you will create in 50 level they will be 50 level. They will probably wont be so good as a fusioned relic but with the help of the crating station you can modify their stats and abilities to that that pleases you.
2 years 60 days ago
I leveled my first char to 34 after release, and got only one single relic item, despite doing mission (normal, campaign, tarot) at very high difficulty.


I was told I had really bad rng up to that point. o.o

2 years 60 days ago
Posted by Backend error 1342 2 years 60 days ago
Hey, since you are level 45/46 may i ask if the level of reward items you get are 45/46? Because the game doesn't go beyond level 40 items.

Honestly I get none at all... only from the cache at the end of missions. I'd say I have done roughly 50 missions since I started thinking about it and not one, are you sure they weren't just from the caches?

"Hey, since you are level 45/46 may i ask if the level of reward items you get are 45/46? Because the game doesn't go beyond level 40 items"

The rewards at 40-50 are the same, all items are level 40 and all roughly the same gear score irrespective of level or difficulty.

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2 years 60 days ago
Hey, since you are level 45/46 may i ask if the level of reward items you get are 45/46? Because the game doesn't go beyond level 40 items.
2 years 61 days ago
i generally agree with most of the posts BUT

i did a regular today and had 3 relics then i did 4-5 more and i got nothing. It's an random loot system. You get relics from anywhere.

2 years 61 days ago
Posted by TombRocket 2 years 62 days ago
Relic's are meant to be quite rare. Hence the name relic. 

Sure in theory that is all fine, I agree they should be hard to find, however that is not how it works here.

Relic Items are impossible to find, unless you are running Hunt Tarot missions with the Extreme Fortune buff enabled then you get 3+ in 5 minutes.

The loot system is incredibly flawed, Tarot missions are supposed to be the reward, where you chose your missions and reap the rewards for all your hard earned fate, but the reality is only hunt missions guarantee spawned bosses that provide a compulsory relic drop that means you run Hunt and you are guaranteed 3 minimum drops from the tank type enemies and then drops from any red chests or spawned Rogue/Enemy Psyker units.

If you run a Tarot mission on Assassination the bosses are only captains so that's not going to drop, purge or daemonic incursions don't guarantee any bosses... it also states that each primary Tarot objective is sup[posed to be targeted item drops so heaven forbid you are after whatever purge missions drop because you chances are incredibly slim... I suggest the only end game right now for items is to run Extreme Fortune Tarot on Hunt.

The only other Relics appear from the end quest rewards, this makes 90% of the core game play of travelling the sector and completing quests, just a boring grind for fate until you next tarot.

There is also no tangible reason to run the game on higher difficulty, you don't get rewarded with more relic items or even purple items... I am actually not sure you get anything for higher difficulty which is baffling.

2 years 62 days ago
Relic's are meant to be quite rare. Hence the name relic. 
2 years 62 days ago

If you're refering to the Relic classed items (orange/browny hue) then not very often. Didn't keep a very accurate track of it, but I'd venture once every 10-15 regular missions.

I found that if you want to upgrade your gear, just stack up on fate and run a couple of targeted Tarot missions with an Extreme fortune buff and it usually sorts you out.

Seems that regardless of what you're targeting and if you have the extra drops buff or not, the frequency of Relic drops is MUCH higher during Tarot missions.

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