Are retinue's out for real?


I am really enjoying the game so far. But I am wondering, are Retinue's really scrapped? I know that feature wouldn't be included in the initial release, has Neocore said anything about future updates? And possible with the other scrapped features?

I just think it would be cool to 'collect' and have a personal retinue to purge with.

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Are retinue's out for real?
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3 years 172 days ago
This! The idea of the retinue was really one of the key things I loved about the "early ideas" that were kicked around in this game, and one that I'd love to see them bring back!
3 years 173 days ago

Its something id definitely like to see doubly so since they plan on having personal decisions of puritan or radical inquisitor leanings. However, Neocore has kind of done things differently. In the actual tabletop game, the crusader, assassin, and psyker are part of the main inquisitor's retinue and not actually an inquisitor themselves. So I'm not sure who we would have inside our retinue when those that would normally fill that role have been elevated to inquisitorial status. 


I suppose they could be lower rank versions ie; almost like neophytes. 

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