Road Map Suggestion


13. October 2018:  Drukhari DLC
Level Cap 70, Trait Cap 4

1. January 2019: Tyranid DLC
Level Cap 90

1. May 2019: Tzeentch DLC
Level Cap 110, Trait Cap 5

1. September 2019: Tau DLC
Level Cap 130

1. January 2020: Khorne DLC
Level Cap 150, Trait Cap 6

1. May 2020: Aeldari DLC
Level Cap 170

September 2020: Slaanesh DLC
Level Cap 190, Trait Cap  7

1. January 2021: Orc DLC
Level Cap 210

1. May 2021: Nurgle DLC
Level Cap 230, Trait Cap 8

1. September 2021: Necron DLC
Level Cap 250

Each DLC contains a Story Campaign,  A New Star System, 1 New Wave Mode like the Cathetdral and 1 New Warzone. Warzones should have 4-8 Different Boss Battles like the Nemesis Knight. 

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Road Map Suggestion
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3 years 360 days ago

The Story is far from finished - and it's planned like that. Guess that side-stories and arcs could come during the seasons, but the main story must go on - and it's a very good story.

Personally, I'm against Hard-capping levels, and am bugging devs to transfer it to 'soft' or 'wide' system, where Hard-capped lvl would add *some* things like new Perks or increase their number, open something useful in game but it ends here - 'wide' system would allow getting skillpoints, perhaps attributes as well and allow much better development of the character. Shouldn't be too hard to implement - we actually HAD it in alpha, well - kindof...

Mighty Snakefist,

Wise and Powerful

3 years 361 days ago

thank you for your feedback but we already have our plans for the future regarding the DLCs:)