Resetting Skillpoints for Testing?


Is it possible/easy to let us respec skillpoints while testing?

I started as pure melee but now i am playing with heavy flamer + 2 hand hammer most of the time. I specced the melee skilltree, but would love to experiment with dot or ranged one. Would be a motivation to try and test different loadouts as well.

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Resetting Skillpoints for Testing?
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6 years 282 days ago
Added this to the mini faq at the end of the known issues section.
6 years 283 days ago
All good mate.   Took me a while to work it out :P   Happy to help
6 years 283 days ago
Wow. Didnt leftclick before the rightclick so it didnt work for me before i read this.

Thx for the advice!

6 years 283 days ago
You can remove any skills in the skill tree, you simply go to the end and left click then right click on the spent skill point and it should refund. 
6 years 283 days ago
+1 to this.