Missing loot again after completing a mission


After completing one of my missions, the loot i gathered during it disappeared. Asked around a few people on the global channel to see if they have encountered the same, and some people indeed have missed their loot as well.

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Missing loot again after completing a mission
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6 years 293 days ago
After ever mission i get no rewards - so the game currently is unplayable - has now happend 3 times (twice the other day) and once today.
6 years 293 days ago

Yeah, this is one of our top priority issues to fix now. Thanks for your feedback!

The people who have lost their gear got 10k compensation credits and an inoculator, and they will soon receive their starter gear back on their remaining empty slots.

6 years 294 days ago
Now missing all loot gained from doing mission, including loot equipped...

is this a new difficulty level? lol

6 years 294 days ago
Same here, missing loot, xp and glory for 2 missions from yesterday and now from 1 mission as of today.

Very annoying as i wanted to reach glory 200 for the loot pack :(

I had this last week two, but after some more missions everything was there after a mission. So maybe the server needs some time?

I dont know why it happens so I cant reproduce it.

But atleast it happend to me 2x yesterday and 1x today