Rescue mission glitch


Upon reaching the last room with the platform to TP the rescued squads out, one of them froze in the adjoining room and would not budge. I even tried using the "Extra room" that showed up in the mission and TP'ed back and forth a few times but i had to Alt-F4 since the mission would not resolve itself.

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Rescue mission glitch
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5 years 87 days ago
Thank you for the prompt reply Marco. I will be sure to do that thank you for the info!

Yes i am on PC, and now armed with this new knowledge i shall stride forward bravely for the Emperor!

"Venerate the Immortal Emperor"

5 years 89 days ago
Are you playing on PC? If yes and encounter this problem ever again please type into the chat /mapinfo and send it to us. This issue was reported a few times but we could not reproduce the case even after several attempts. Nevertheless thanks for the report!