Future Support for Cosole?


Looking at the roadmap I see that neither upcoming nor the backlog contain anything for consoles. Shall we assume that console support has come to an end? 

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Future Support for Cosole?
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4 years 278 days ago

If you check on it today you see quite something different for the Consoles.

Just don´t expect newest Season(s), and very well Upcoming Touch of the Omnissiah to be available for Consoles for another 2-3 months.

But besides, when thinking about ingame DLCs, items and other stuff, they should make some exclusives for PC Version ONLY as well. You Console players do have a couple items not even the slightest available for PC players.

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4 years 279 days ago
It may seem confusing, but every content (Seasons, DLCs, major updates as well as fixes) will come both to PC and console, the only difference is in the release dates. We keep the Roadmap updated so its best to check on it from time to time! 
4 years 280 days ago

Of course, consoles will be supported for a long time! All dlc and seasons released on PC will be on consoles. but later. the game was released on consoles later than on the PC..  but first. waiting the hotfix patch

also check this tree:  https://neocoregames.com/en/community/hub/new-dlchelmet-and-world-event

4 years 280 days ago
Agreed... very concerning.