Reroll Enchantment Not Working


I have a Relic tier weapon. When attempting to reroll a Blue enchantment, the reroll simply gives me the same value and enchantment as was prior. I attempted a reroll 3x to no avail, the reroll simply does not work. The weapon is a Radium Carbine Beta.

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Reroll Enchantment Not Working
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64 days ago
If you can share a screenshot about the item we would be grateful and can find the reason behind it. Thanks in advance!
65 days ago

hey this happens a lot to me.

just rolling and spenndig mats but nothing happens. so i wreck the item couse im pissed.

and sometimes happens something VERY anoying!!:

when you go back to the brige, items get back  the stats they had befor your spennd resources worth 2 planets to get the right roll.

i found a solution for that. 

log out. log in. Magic happens.

but if you do a mission it will stay that way and your materials are gone.

the "reaction time" of the game is to slow some times. 

i feal like some other issues came from that too. 

you do something = game says "nothig happend here!.... wait! what?  ....ahh too late..sorry my bad!"

76 days ago
Can you post a vid?

With blue enchantment, you mean the blue lit up square in front of the enchantment that indicates it's a better enchantment than the common ones?

I've never had any issues but possibly the enchantments for that slot are limited or is one of a kind so you can't get different enchantments. I don't know that weapon though as I haven't used it myself.