Deleting too many items during mission causes crash


Warhammer 40k Martyr, Crusader, PC, Win10, Input:Gamepad(Xbox360)

During a mission: destroying too many items from the inventory causes a crash to the desktop with an error message.

I play on PC with a gamepad.

Repeatable, mission independent: during a mission i press START and go to INVENTORY, there i press X to select the item and then hold X to destroy it to make some space. I can delete a few items, but always at a certain number the game crashes to the desktop and an error message appears(no screenshot sry).

I can force this crash with this method every time.

Pls fix, just did a void crusade with the 75min all keys / all info requirement. Couldnt handle all the relics and had to make some space... crashed, void crusade failed, inventory reset to before the mession.....

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Deleting too many items during mission causes crash
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224 days ago
We are currently thinking about a different approach: a loot filter which can be set in the settings so you can filter out the items when you wander around.
224 days ago
I sometimes crash deleting items.  I play on PC, however I do not use a gamepad.  For me, I can't seem to trigger it, just every once in a while I crash to the desktop deleting stuff.

Here is what I would like to see: a button on the inventory screen that deletes all the blue items without sockets with one click, similar to when we mass sell items or salvage.  That's what I'm dumping to make room anyway.  Or maybe a filter that stops auto-looting of blue items?

227 days ago

We could not reproduce it the way you described. We went with the Xbox controller and deleted items from the inventory piece by piece but the crash did not occur. You can bring about the problem all the time, you say?
Then something else plays a role in the crash as well.

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