Relic items exist!


Hardly a drop to be excited about - But proof they exist!

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Relic items exist!
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6 years 51 days ago

Worse than my Green P1 items outside of its power rating.

Was the right choice to not further aim for those in the current build.

Wonder why they are even implemented.

6 years 52 days ago

Can u check it in the Crafting see what kind of materials it would give u if u salavage it( just dont accidently salavage it for real XD), I think maybe Relic level material is also exist in current build.

6 years 52 days ago

Was a reward for tarrot mission.

Twas orange.


Orange = relic / BIS
Red = Godlike (not here yet)

6 years 52 days ago

So it's still orange? Red? For me its orange. Where u found it? In the challenge mission in the lever 4 sector or in a normal mission?

6 years 53 days ago