Reflect Damage bug


Hey all, I've been trying a damage reflection build and it seems to me that the reflected damage attack doesn't seem to trigger any "On hit" buffs you may have going, and it also doesn't seem like it is able to critically strike. I think this really hinders its ability to be viable on higher level missions.

Interestingly enough, it seems the deflector shield, which is essentially the same thing, IS capable of triggering on hit effects / critting, so only the basic reflect attacks (ones that occur from the Reflect Chance stat) cannot trigger effects / crit.

Is there any chance the basic reflect attacks could be changed to mimic the deflector shield attacks?

Edit: With further testing, I've have a theory on this - perhaps the reflect attacks aren't "owned / belong" by the player. I have certain effects on my character that buff the next outgoing attack on X instance (+damage after reflect, +crit chance after being hit), and the reflect attacks don't seem to use these stored effects (the bonus stays on my bar until I do an attack myself).

Here's a short video to show the lack of crits on basic reflects:

Also, here's a video of the deflector shield doing some crits:

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Reflect Damage bug
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130 days ago

Wanted to bump this for another chance for an official response.

Also, I tested the reflect attacks with a relic that had this relic bonus:

Random Vulnerability (Heat, Warp, Physical) to the target on Hit. 

Interestingly enough, the reflect attacks did NOT trigger this relic effect, so no vulnerability was being dealt out :(

I'm not quite sure why these attacks don't trigger effects, but it certainly makes all the re-rolling I did for the +reflect chance and +reflect damage stats on items feel VERY underwhelming.

171 days ago
Brother Kundari
Haha don't worry, I do indeed have both stats above 0
172 days ago
You probably already know, cough, and it´s silly of me, ahem, to point this out, but when you do have REFLECT DAMAGE Stat on you... You DO also have the REFLECT CHANCE, right?