Feed-back on the game and new expansion request



I've been playing WH:40k Inquisitor for more than 500 hours, and I must say that the game is awesome! It shows great correspondence with the lore, and really gets you going! Also, it is a more brain-based game, not just a mindless-quick-reaction-push-one-button-shatter-all-screen game like others are. 

Really fun to build.

The global events are good - the last one, splinter fleet, especially.

I have some proposals to make the game even better, and I'd like the developers to look at them:

  • please keep the new warp anomalies in the core game. Only the psyker will be able to produce them anyway (in the core game), and they add a lot of fun! The other classes will be unaffected (as they do not produce warp anomalies).

  • please make an expansion. Yes, I know, it's a lot of work and time consuming, but it's the best way to get new money for your company (as expansions are paid for, while seasons are not), and also attract new players to the game, and make old ones come back (because of the new content). An expansion should add a new class, a new parallel campaign, and new enemy races (how about orks or Necrons, or even some tau?).

Please consider those above, and please respond!

Until then, keep up with the good work! 

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Feed-back on the game and new expansion request
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202 days ago

1. This might come as based on a suggestion we started to think about keeping the current warp mechanics and bringing back the S1 mechanics, spreading them across 1-1 subsector and will rotate them from time to time. Please mind, this is only a rudimentary idea so I cannot guarantee it just yet.

2. This was requested numerous times but we will see. Anything new we can share will be known by you all first. :)