Recent Happenings and the Future


Noticed that since release, we've been getting a lot of updates and the flow is coming pretty good over-all. The end result feels though, that because of the redesigns in the leveling and such back in Beta, we missed the mark on lets just say a bunch of things.

 I myself question if skills or passives are working, or not. I have a Psyker Friend that his revive doesn't work when he dies. Some passives have no marker or icon to know when your using them. Most of its small things, but non the less it adds up. Guild Renames don't show on the leader boards. Nor do they update on people that was in the cabal, i had to leave and come back to get the name change to show on my Inquisitor. But this isnt about the bugs themselves really.

With Consoles being pushed back to Aug, I'm wondering if really, do we even consider this a release at all? For one, there's no End-Game, and by End game i don't mean some paragon system where ill be leveling endlessly. Lets just say that's been done before and its a lame and boring system. Remember that these games are about the "Loot" we need to feel wow'd by the stuff we find. Right now, not so much. End-Game is about the climb and looking like you've mastered or obtained something others will want, status-no-status, its the basis for these styling of games,..yeah we got leader boards(Yay! for the top10)... Events thus far have been lackluster, we're putting in hours and hours, and our reward is a weekly renamed loot crate,. Meme Virus's for people that likely don't need Meme Virus's. Where's the Pets/Helms/Re-skins. That's what we want, the cool stuff,..not the 1,000,001 Lasrifle or Bolter. 

(A game i played a long time ago, would keep a In-game Profile, that was a list of when you started, and all the events and special quests and their in-game dates, Was your Chars Legend with-in the game, anyone could read it. Cool idea no?) 

Crafting, for what purpose? Right now, it really only seems to be valid for 2nd Char Accounts between levels 1-25. Other then that,..........   Now i understand that the Morality system has a End-Bar Perk that will deal with the crafting, course i find myself talking about loot again,..see its so important. 

Ok, So apparently in my rant I've found I'm most is dis-satisfied with the Gear/Drops/Appearance the most.  I could go on, but really I'm letting my Coffee get cold, and i honestly don't think my opinion matters much in the bigger pictures.

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Recent Happenings and the Future
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5 years 282 days ago

"That's what we want, the cool stuff,..not the 1,000,001 Lasrifle or Bolter. "
That was epic and i totally agree with you on everything. I truly have hopes for this game cause it's unique in it's field already and everyone's coffee get's cold as you said. But devs seems to listen so far on many things,i'm wondering if they have the budget support to do the changes.