Death should hurt (at least in the optional game mode), not 10% XP 1 level at least. In addition, for example, one of the objects in the team could be destroyed.

During the mission, we should have access to the backpack.

Resetting the skill tree should be for free - it would be fun to build builds.

If you see the relic, it should be an event about which the whole cabal speaks and every inquisitior dreams about it, now relics out of the box - I sell it.

Game mode with perma death (it's so obvious).

Story mode can be run - you do not have to kill mobs - just get to the cogitator and click when the notes appear, our HP is renewing, and the mobs do not attack us.

Cooperation is only optional, I would like to have missions which I could not finish myself - because of the difficulty, or their mechanics, which would require 2, 3 or 4 players - such missions would be a challenge to make them solo or complete 2 missions designed for 4 players. It would be nice to have the opportunity to heal our brother inquisitors.

The promised before the premiere of the inquisitors' fortresses is a nice idea, only that the fortress is not there :(

More PvP modes - currently only 1 person from my cabal is satisfied - I personally would like 5 vs 5 on a large map - for example a ruined city, only 10 players on one map would probably cause the birth of a new chaos god in Neocore server: D

He does not expect all of this to happen tomorrow, but I hope Warzones will revive the game, it's boring now ...

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